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20" Bundles
$125/ each+
26" Bundles
$140/ each+
nanolink, microlink, loop & lock extensions removal
$75 ++
Fusion extension removal
$75/ hr+

OUR METHOD: Nanobead

Our experts have YEARS worth of experience and THOUSANDS of installations, maintenances and removals under their belts. Here’s why we specialise in the nanobead method:

  • Reuseable. Our extensions can be installed, maintained and/or removed and reused.
  • Discreet; when installed properly, you cannot see even the tiny-est of beads, wear in a high pony if you please! 
  • No glue/adhesives, heat, heavy wefts, braids or clips. 
  • Easy, painless, non-damaging and chemical free removals.
  • Comfort: these babies are teeny-tiny; easy to sleep on, wash and style.
  • Safe for even the finest of hair.



We could bore you with all of that Grade 6A+ human, European, Remy, 100% cuticle in-tact industry lingo, but let us break it down for you:

  • 12-month lifespan with proper care
  • Does not tangle, matte or knot, no braiding necessary 
  • Can be heat styled, washed, colored, worn & styled just like your natural hair (Yes! It’s real human hair!)
  • Comes in 20 and 26-inch lengths and over 12 different shades. We carry a full stock at all times, for your convenience. Or, tell us your hair goals and we can custom color a set for you, too! 



We exclusively work with nanobeads; the smallest, most discreet and revolutionary extension method on the market today. Our extensions were created with medical hair loss solutions in mind, meaning they are the safest, most discreet and comfortable. 


Bead Comparisons



You might be interested in our extension service, but what’s the next step? 

  • Consultation: Call the salon, pop by, or message us for a FREE, no obligation consultation so we can explain everything; from aftercare to installation, to color matching, price quote and more - we’ll make sure you’re comfortable. 
  • Installation Appointment: On average, installation, cut & style takes our experts around one hour for a full head. 
  • Aftercare: Take home aftercare guide is always provided, as well as product recommendations, pro styling tips, pre-booked maintenance appointments and more.

The demand for hair extension services has grown exponentially over the years; becoming more affordable, acceptable and above all, safe for your natural hair. 


Take comfort in knowing both our senior and junior extension technicians are constantly practising, upgrading their education, and are experienced in providing you top quality services. 

Don’t trust your hair to just anybody!! 


Here’s what we can do for you: 


  • Camouflage a bad hair-cut
  • Cover up damaged, over processed, chemically broken areas (ie front flat ironed areas/ bangs). Our extensions actually protect your hair, taking the brunt of heat styling, allowing your natural hair to get healthy again. 
  • Elongate grown out/awkward length, or conceal an undercut
  • Hair breaks off or stops growing at a certain length? No problem!



  • Seasons change and so do color trends; add no commitment, no chemical high or low lights
  • Create an ombre or balayage using extensions only
  • Add a pop of color, peek-aboo, or frame your face



  • Fine, thin, limp hair?  Add anywhere from 1 to 6 bundles for just a wee bit to mega mermaid hair! Our experts will help you decide what is best and most manageable for you and your current hair type.
  • Our extensions hold a curl for days. Perfect for busy moms and business ladies alike. 
  • Wash your hair less. All that extra hair absorbs your scalp’s natural oils; which means less need for washing & styling. 
  • Special occasion? Wedding, prom, grad, maternity photos, anniversary party? We’ve got you covered! 






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